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Title:The Megalodon
Tells what the object or animal is, who the person is or where the place is.
The Megalodons scientific name is a Carcharodon Megalodon. The family is otodontidae. Most Megalodons lived in Australia.
Use paragraphs with topic sentences to organise the different bundles of information

Object - size, shape and features, dynamics, where it is used or found.

Person - Characteristics, where they live, what they do, achievements.

Animal - appearance, habitat, behaviour, breeding, diet.

Place - size, facts, features
It use to live in the deep blue sea and lived mostly in the coast of america. The littles one lived in the shallow but not too shallow. They mostly liked staying where the whales stay.

The megalodon was about 59 feet maximum. It has white at the bottom and grey at the top so it can camouflage from the top and bottom. Their largest teeth are about 6 inches.

They love eating large whales, marine mammals and sea lions. Megalodons like eating large fish. They also like large whales like killer whales and whale sharks and that.

Megalodons have a really bad behavior they were the most dangerous sharks ever. They mostly eat every marine mammal in the ocean. If you look through a microscope yo will be able to see scales that make them swim very fast in the water.

Life cycle
They start off inside a egg then hatch inside the mummy shark then comes like how humans are born. There pups were believed to be 2-4 metres long. Most pups stayed in the shallow water and in the warm water.
You may want to make a personal comment about the subject of the report
I wish the megalodon wasn't extinct so I can see it live even though it's big as and scary. I wonder how megalodons become extinct. What would happen if they didn't become extinct?.

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