Tuesday, 9 May 2017

plastic fantastic.

  1. What items do we use that are made from plastic?bottles cups and tables chairs and plates./
  2. How long have we been using plastic?it has been use for about 60 years.
  3. Where does plastic come from?plastic can either be found everywhere but it can also be man made

1.How much oil is consumed every year?an average of about 19.63 barrals per day.
2.What other things do we use oil for?food,plastic,synthetic fabrics,asphalt,cleaning products,medicines,synthetic rubber.
3.Who are the three main countries that produce oil? Canada,china,russia.

  1. What different types of plastic do we use every day?takeaways plastic bouls.
  2. Why is plastic difficult to recycle?because you can’t wash them properly and it will go to the landfill

We can Reduce
Explain what reduce means to you? To me reduce means dont waste your food just wrap it up or somthing.
                We can Reuse       Explain what reuse means in your own                                                                                               words?reuse is when you have a bottle or something you can wash it and reuse it and full it up with some water or something.

We can Recycle
Explain what recycle means in your own words?to me recycle means when have plastic stuff or something you can create something with it.


  1. Hi Daniel,

    I think that plastics are very helpful to the human race but we are not using it very efficiently. I think that everyone should recycle plastics and keep our environment safe and clean. What do you think about recycling plastics?


    1. thnx I think that 2 I mite come and check your blog sometime
      again see you later.

    2. thanks this comment makes me feel happy i hope your doing good cause i am what i think about recycling is that recycling doesn't go to the dump it gets turned into plates and stuff bye

  2. Hi Daniel

    Awesome post on plastic it is super cool and interesting really like how it is spaced out. next time maybe you could use a different colour instead of yellow. Anyway great post can't wait for your next one.

    Zach yaldhurst

  3. Hi daniel,
    So you said that we use 19 barrels of oil a day more like every micro second If we used 19 barrels a day we will have enough oil to last like another 99999999 Years of it Where did you get the data from?

    1,614,436,859,589O left (barrels)
    16,836 Days to the end of oil (~46 years)

  4. Hello Dan,
    I see that you have done a good job talking about plastics and why we need to recycle them otherwise the world be a unhealthy place to live in.
    also did you know that plastic takes about 450-1000years to biodegrade?

    From Jacob M,
    at Yaldhurst School.

  5. hi i am Josh i am from Grey Main school your blog is so cool. I like how you did lots of work on your blog on recycling. The different colours made it interesting to look at. You could have included some photos of items that can be recycled.

  6. Kia Ora Daniel
    My name is Emil I go to Grey Main School Greymouth. It seems you know a lot about plastic and recycling. Maybe next time you could put in some pictures. I really liked the post you did on the Olympics maybe next time you could put in some photos and tell us more about when you left school.
    Keep up the great work!