Monday, 13 February 2017


  1. Hi my name is Christian and in go to Owairaka Primary School and I am a year 6 student I like how. You said that you’ll said that you will keep your password to yourself and you said that you’ll not eat or drink next to your chrome and you. Said that you’ll carry your chrome with 2 hands

    Blog ya later

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  2. Kia Ora Daniel. I'm Sebastian from Grey Main School. This is a great post about making sure your Chromebook is safe. Could you try taking a screenshot of you doc. Was it hard to make this? Mai (From) Sebastian.

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  4. Hi Daniel
    My name is Zach And I go to yaldhurst model school. This is an awesome post I really like how you added that you would keep food and drinks away from your chromebook. Next time you do a google doc post could you try to make the doc a bit bigger. But great post and keep it up.

    Zach yaldhurst

  5. Hi Daniel, I like what you said about looking after your chrome book.Next time you should make a google slide and put the information on that. But I like the things on it. Bye for Now From Abby from Yaldhurst

  6. Hi Daniel my name is Hunter. It is a good thing to keep passwords to your self and not to drink or eat at a chromebook and carry your chromebook by 2 hands.

  7. hi Daniel my name is hunter. I think that it is relly cool

  8. Hi Daniel,

    Short and sweet well done. Would love to see more blog posts.
    Where did you learn all this info. I will try to use some of those skill in our school.
    Thanks Tim,
    Yaldhurst School